Organization Effectiveness Assessment

The most effective organizations have a common set of conditions that make it easier to change and adapt...and produce results reliably over time. Do these conditions exist in your organization? Determine the “organization” you want to assess. We suggest you rate either your whole company or the primary unit in which you work.

Please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the following statements. In order to effectively evaluate your organization please make sure you respond to all of the following statements. 1 (Strongly Disagree) 5 (Strongly Agree)

  • 1. The mission, vision, and goals of the organization are clear and compelling. There is a sense of ownership at all levels in the organization.

  • 2. The senior leadership team is fully commited to the strategy and direction of the company and acts consistently with it.

  • 3. The elements of our organization (e.g., structure, work processes, talent and skills, measurement and reward systems, technology, and culture) are mostly aligned with our strategy, i.e., they make it easier rather than harder to achieve our strategy and goals.

  • 4. Actions taken by employees at all levels in our company are coordinated and consistent with our strategy—helping us move in the same direction.

  • 5. I fully understand and am committed to the vision and direction of our organization and I know how what I do every day contributes to achieving our goals.

  • 6. In our company, we interact with each other in ways that build value and move the action forward rather than create delays and wasted time and energy.

  • 7. Our teams work effectively together and understand what it takes to operate as high performance teams.

  • 8. We work effectively across organizational and geographic boundaries, ie., we are able to make effective decisions quickly and coordinate action.

  • 9. Our leaders can adapt readily to change. We have successfully tackled some big challenges and made changes in our organization that have produced some real results.

  • 10. We have consistently achieved or exceeded our performance targets as a company, or unit, for the past three to five years.