The basics: ABC’s of highly effective organizations

Beyond the table stakes of having a competitive strategy and some basic skills to conduct your business, the long term effectiveness of your organization often boils down to one of these three areas: Alignment, Behavior, and Change.
  • Alignment

    Addressing critical aspects of organizational and leadership alignment

    • Building essential levels of ownership and commitment required to fuel growth and change
    • Diagnosing the degree of “fit” between the business strategy and core elements of the organization
    • Aligning all aspects of the organization to execute the strategy while maintaining adaptability
  • Behavior

    Accelerating the value produced in how people work together

    • Dramatically improving the effectiveness of collaboration within and between organizational units
    • Building the capability to resolve conflicts quickly and effectively
    • Accelerating high-quality decision making, especially in complex matrix structures
    • Building high performance cultures that are characterized by cross-boundary communication, high levels of accountability and initiative
  • Change

    Increasing the capability to lead and sustain change

    • Designing and implementing large-scale change initiatives in ways that produce lasting results
    • Creating the conditions for organizations to be more adaptive and better prepared to meet ever-changing market needs