Marie Case

Marie Case, is an Executive Coach and Master Consultant with three decades of proven experience. She is focused on achieving unprecedented gains working with top executives providing the insight and tools to solve their highest stakes challenges. As an Executive Coach, Marie has partnered with leaders who are committed to developing themselves and maturing to the next level of leadership. Skilled at guiding leaders on both a personal and organizational transformative journey, Marie guides leaders to connect hearts and minds of their organization to serve deeper purpose.

Marie has extensive experience with senior teams at some of the world’s largest corporations regularly partnering with them to navigate both the business journey of producing results and the change journey of creating a new future. Engaged at the level of organizational culture, Marie helps her clients embed a new leadership mindset and requisite skills such that the change process is widely distributed, sustainable, and “owned” by all stakeholders.

Marie is committed to support people and companies that understand what you embody is important. She has a passion for collaborating with leaders who see profit as the scoreboard for a larger game, seeking those leaders grounded in purpose who have the capability to instigate, lead and sustain change in a way that transforms their business and creates a thriving environment for all their stakeholders.

As President of Corporate Memory Systems, a software company, Marie and her team were pioneers in software to support teams in solving wicked problems. She served as a Vice President at CSC Index and as a Partner at The DiBianca Berkman Group. During her tenure at CSC Index, she led the Management Transformation Practice for Europe. Throughout her career, Marie has been on the forefront of developing and applying speech-act theory and practices to accelerate high performance and deliver breakthroughs in business through both individual coaching and working with leadership teams.

Marie partnered with representatives from the Secretary General’s office of the United Nations to form a team of key business leaders focused on exploring how business contributes to the delivery of strategic global goals. Over the last decade, Marie has been an ardent participant in the Conscious Capitalism Movement. She serves on the Board of Directors of the World Business Academy ( and is a founder of the Business Alliance for the Future ( an organization exploring and creating breakthrough collaborations in the Business for Good movement.