Mark Fourman

Mark Fourman is a senior partner with Tandem Group and leader of the culture transformation practice.  He has over 25 years of experience in consulting, designing, and delivering leadership development, culture change, sales, and team building programs.  Through his experience he has found that changing mindsets is essential to changing culture and improving performance. However, to be truly effective, staff also need to know what to do in specific situations to achieve top performance. Mark excels at defining and teaching highly-targeted behaviors that will drive improvement in an organization’s culture and the results it can achieve.

Mark has consulted to leading companies around the world, primarily in the Software, Internet, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Computer Sales, and Chemical industries. He has worked both with Global Fortune 1,000 and high-growth sales and tech companies, including Genentech, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Adobe, Goldman Sachs, Yahoo!, Vale and Goldcorp.

Some examples of the programs he has designed and delivered include:

  • Leadership and team building programs to a mining operation that helped increase production by 13.6%, while decreasing costs by 22.3% over a 9-month period.
  • Sales training program that helped sales people increase their sales as much as 149% within two months of completing the training.
  • Leadership development program that helped a computer telemarketing company sustain a 106% annual growth rate and rank number 36 in the Inc 500.
  • Performance improvement teacher program for an online language school that reduced negative student feedback from 26% to 0.3% over 18 months. This led to a 42% reduction customer churn over the course of 2018.

Mark’s career started out as an engineer working in high-tech and then he ultimately served as a Chief Technology Officer designing online learning systems.  When he transitioned to working in training and organizational development over a decade ago, he brought that analytical, scientific mindset with him and perfected his approach from having to generate real results in business.  His training programs rapidly drive business improvements, produce lasting behavior changes, and generate measurable and lasting business ROI.

Mark earned a Masters degree with honors in Mathematics at Oxford University and a Masters degree in Microelectronics Systems Design from Brunel University in London.  He also enjoys entrepreneurial ventures in other fields that leverage his mathematical capabilities, creativity, and dedication to education.