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Here are some links and resources you may find to be of interest.
Links & Resources
  • To Lead, Create a Shared Vision

    Creating a shared vision is critical to leading effective organizations. In this article Kouzes and Posner discuss new research that shows followers how to respond to a leader who can articulate a vision that reflects their own aspirations.

  • Building Your Company's Vision

    This is one of our favorite articles because it gives good concrete examples of vision statements. The Porras and Collins framework may or may not be useful, but our clients always find the examples stimulate valuable discussions.

  • Changing the Way We Change

    One of the seminal articles on the fundamentals of adaptive leadership, this article was the precursor to the authors’ book on the same topic, Surfing the Edge of Chaos. The book is one of the best examples of the practical application of complexity and chaos theory to leading organizations.