What We Offer: Services

To create organizations that can grow and adapt, we focus on the ABCs of
highly effective organizations. Our clients tackle the adaptive challenges
they face every day by creating high degrees of alignment, practicing the
disciplines of high performance behavior, and building capabilities to lead
and sustain change.
  • Alignment

    Aligning leaders and the organization for strategic advantage

    The degree of “fit” between the business strategy and core elements of the organization, including leadership, is a key determinant of business success.

    Alignment services

    • Organization and leadership assessment
    • Vision and strategy development
    • Leadership team alignment
    • Organization design
  • Behavior

    Shifting thinking and action to produce greater impact

    Behavior change happens when we move beyond actions to the patterns of thinking that impact our results. This allows leaders to dramatically improve the effectiveness of collaboration.

    Behavior services

    • High performance team development
    • Organization culture change
    • Adaptive leadership development
    • Value-accelerating collaboration
  • Change

    Increasing capability to effectively lead and sustain change

    Highly effective organizations are masterful at designing and implementing large-scale change initiatives in ways that produce lasting results.

    Change services

    • Transformation roadmap development
    • Executive coaching to lead change
    • Communication and engagement strategy
    • Implementation of large-scale change

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