About Tandem Group

At Tandem Group, we work with senior executives to make their organizations more effective. Through our years of experience with companies of all types and sizes, we have found effective organizations are the ones that have the ability to generate results in the world, create conditions for growth, and change and adapt over time.
  • Generate results in the world

    First, and foremost, effective organizations produce results that are valued in the world— by customers, shareholders, employees, communities and other constituents. Highly effective organizations produce not only the results that are needed or expected, but the results they aspire to achieve. This creates energy and momentum that sustains them as an entity over time.

  • Create conditions for growth

    Producing great results in the world is not enough. Leaders in effective organizations seek to overcome the natural internal barriers that come with large organizations, so employees can be free to perform at their highest levels. In these organizations, the associates feel productive, valued and fulfilled in what they do every day. They are learning and growing as people, as well as employees.

  • Change and adapt over time

    Organizations that are able to sense and respond to shifts in the external environment, anticipate and shape their future position in the market, and embrace rather than fear change are able to sustain themselves and their results over time. Adaptability is a primary characteristic of highly effective organizations.