Our History

The origin of Tandem Group dates back to the early 1900s—genetically speaking. The great grandfather of our founder was an entrepreneur that invented the first tandem truck suspension, which smoothed out the ride on the bumpy roads of the time and reinvented an industry.

The great grandfather of our founder was a Swedish immigrant named Magnus Hendrickson. Magnus was an entrepreneur and an inventor in the early 1900s. One of the biggest problems of that time had to do with transportation and the fact that the roads travelled by early vehicles were in many cases nothing more than pothole strewn, muddy dirt tracks. Magnus invented the modern suspension system used by trucks to this very day. He came up with a unique “walking beam” design that distributed a truck’s load evenly between the two rear axles, improved traction and greatly reduced the effects of the bumps and potholes in the road.

The significance of what Magnus did—transformed an industry by “distributing the load evenly” and making the ride “smoother”—stayed with our founder and became fundamental to what Tandem Group does today. For over 20 years, the partners of Tandem Group have helped clients in a broad range of industries—including health care, pharmaceutical, consumer products, insurance and manufacturing—face the challenges and bumps of growth and change.

Tandem takes its name from Magnus’ invention because we do the same thing for our clients—we even out the load by coming alongside our clients to help them navigate the potholes and bumps they run into as they grow their businesses and reach for higher levels of performance. We help leaders get the traction they need in a complex world where change is the only constant.

Our love for business is part of our history and our traditions. Magnus Hendrickson’s pioneering spirit led to a series of valuable “firsts” that have changed an industry and inspired growth. We honor and celebrate leaders like Magnus Hendrickson for their vision, courage, and persistence to bring value into the world. For one person’s passion and innovation can spawn generations of creativity and growth.

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Hendrickson's invention of the first tandem "walking beam" suspension established the company as an innovator.
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Hendrickson’s tandem truck suspension gave rise to new “six wheelers”
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Today, Hendrickson is the leading North American supplier of truck suspensions and other parts with 18 facilities, 12 manufacturing centers, and five global technical centers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, India, China and Australia.