Our Partners

In addition to our core team, we have close partnerships with a small number of specially chosen firms that bring complementary capabilities to our organization transformation work. These partnerships allow us to leverage all of the best thinking and tools available to serve our clients.

These are firms with whom we have long-standing personal relationships and who work seamlessly with our Tandem Group consultants. The network of relationships we have built over the past 20+ years is one of our most important assets and critical for delivering our full value to clients.

  • Strategic Measurement

    Bull River Group

    Measurement and governance is an issue that many organizations struggle with, especially when it comes to transformation. Michael Contrada and his partners at Bull River Group bring exceptional depth of experience and expertise in building balanced scorecards, metric systems, and highly effective governance processes to manage strategy execution. Michael and his senior partners were integral in the establishment of the original Balanced Scorecard Collaborative in the late ‘90s and have continued to build deep expertise in these critical areas.

  • Organization Research

    Research Bridge

    The ability to diagnose patterns of behavior and thinking that are both working well and standing in the way of realizing desired results is an essential part of successfully adapting over time. Veronika Kopcik and her firm, Research Bridge, partner with us during the diagnostic phases of our work. They have extensive capabilities that are valuable for both large and small research projects.

  • HR Integration and Talent Practices

    Franklin and Folger

    Emily Bland is a published author and visionary global business executive and organizational leader with expertise in all Human Resource areas, including executive coaching, performance management, talent strategy, change management and acceleration, discrimination and harassment allegation investigation, organizational design, leadership succession and outsourcing planning.